Things That Keep Us Awake at Night


I have a reoccurring dream that I’m walking through a house that I’m pretty siked about. It’s not nice but THE POTENTIAL IS HUGE! There are all kinds of strange little rooms and hallways that need fixing and re-organizing. Usually the house goes on and on horizontally but lately, it’s vertical. Recently it was haunted on the fifth floor and on the sixth floor, one will find a very old woman looking out toward the sea. It’s just a mess up there. She always keeps the windows open and the rain drizzles in. I’m concerned about water intrusion and general dampness. Maybe I’ll work on that tonight.

Anyway, if you are an architect, you will understand this but if you are not, being an architect, as awesome as it is, can be, shall I say, a bit stressful at times. Being a contractor on top of that, can down right keep you up at night. Knowing you have a crew walking around on rooftops  all day with skill saws in their hands, having project meetings with Owners RIGHT NEXT TO an open 60’ deep caisson pit (I have no idea why there is a tendency to walk over and look in but everyone does), even the scaffolding is terrifying once you have been in the business for a while.

….and every time I have to use a port-a-potty, I think, ‘What if I fall in?’ It’s mesmerizing.

But I would have to say, my biggest fear is pulling up to a job site after framing starts and realizing, HS-this looks terrible.  I REALLY don’t want that to ever happen.

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