Happy New Year!

2018 is looking like it will be filled with a great set of projects and clients!

We are starting off the year with four projects under construction in Los Feliz, Hollywood, Santa Monica Canyon, and Mount Washington. We have two design projects on the boards that should begin construction this summer. We can't wait to see those break ground in Studio City and (finally!) what we call 'the new Culver City': Woodland Hills.

Our goal for this year is to make projects that are more integrated into the landscape. Whether they be on a flat lot in Venice or up here in the canyon, we want our buildings to more closely harmonize with nature, as though they have been in their settings for decades. We will be focusing on landscape design earlier in the design process and making sure a larger portion of the project budget is allocated to this final and important touch.

Another focus this year is growing our firm. We are looking to add at least one more architect and one more Site Supervisor. If you know of any amazing people, please send them our way.

Happy New Year! 

-Aaron and Britt Glynn